Titan LED - Ohio Regional Office is located in Canfield, Ohio

TITAN LED corporate is a Phoenix, Arizona based OEM and manufacturer specializing in building Quality LED Fixtures with American sourced components and American workers. We offer a broad range of proprietary and cutting edge products designed to install and retrofit into a variety of existing infrastructures which include; Warehouse, Retail, Hospitals, Municipalities, & Small Businesses.  We specialize in commercial lighting, exterior lighting, industrial lighting, high bay lighting, led tube lighting to name a few.


At TITAN LED, we spare NO Expense when it comes to Research & Development, the components we put in our products, customer service, and quality control.  We have made it our mission to manufacture the highest quality, longest lasting, most energy efficient, and brightest LED products in the industry.  We have accomplished this mission and continually work to make all TITAN LED products second to None.  We don't just want customer satisfaction; we want our customers to be blown away with the quality of our LED products and outstanding personal service with attention to your needs.


With a growing network of agents, Titan LED brings professional services and commitment to exceptional levels. Our sales team is dedicated at demonstrating substantial Cost Savings of 51-82% to our customers and delivering quality results.  While this caliber of energy savings is a primary focus, LED's also yield multiple built-in benefits that stand independently strong.


LED's are 70-90% more efficient over traditional lighting producing more light and less heat. Products are engineered from 95% recycled materials and are Mercury Free. They are built for great longevity with life spans between 30,000 - 155,000 hrs and include warranties. No ballast, No noise, Low degradation, and high durability eliminates costly and wasteful maintenance expenditures. Finally, the products are built and compliant to both UL, ETL, DLC Premium Listed standards.

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Shawn Malinky
Area Sales Director -  Ohio, PA, Michigan, WV, VA, Washington DC

Titan LED Area Sales Director;  Shawn is an is Ohio born native who is passionate about Titan LED's American made products as a solution to helping small to mid-size businesses cut their monthly operating costs. Honesty and integrity is this man's way of life, and has a true passion to drive Titan LED to soon be the most recogized name in the marketplace....

Brian Hennessy
President & Founder

President & Founder of Titan LED Inc., has an impressive background of achievement and proactive leadership. With over two decades of experience in Sales & Marketing, Brian has demonstrated the ability to successfully build organizations with great proficiency, knowledge and vision. To his credit, recent business models consisted of 51 Regional Offices, 6,000 independent agents and generation of over 1 billion in insurance sales. This proven track record is held together by exceptional relationship skills and the capability of piloting several companies through multiple business phases such as; start up, survival, turnaround, and growth. He continues to spark enthusiasm and to embark Titan LED on the path of innovation and success while preserving quality, service and competitiveness.

Local Direct Representatives:
Youngstown Ohio - Shawn Malinky
Akron Ohio -           John Bryan
Cincinnati Ohio.      Matt Kelly
Cleveland Ohio -     Bob Takacs
Michigan -              Dennis Janer
                             Leo Vespi



With the advancement in energy effecient LED Lighting creating better light quality, the reduction of energy costs and the rebates provided by the Government there has never been a better time to retrofit your business with the industry leading Titan LED Lighting.  Contact us to find out how you can replace all of your lights and reduce your lighting costs by 50% to 75% with ZERO out of pocket expense.  Most of our customers are cashflow positive from the first month.  The amount you save on energy costs each month can easily pay for your entire project resulting in a fast return on investment.