led lighting for car dealerships
led lighting for car dealerships

Upgrade to Titan LED with ZERO Investment!

LED Lighting for Car Dealerships

Reduce Energy Expense by 52% to 81%| Improve Lighting | No More Maintenance

Titan LED uses a 3rd Party Verification company to assure our potential clients that our calculations are accurate and true. We will put you in touch with this company so you can be confident that you are making an educated and informed decision.

There has never been a better time to Upgrade your lighting to Energy Efficient LED Lights.

If you don't already know, the Government is phasing out inefficient lighting and providing huge incentives for businesses to upgrade their lighting to Energy Efficient Lighting (EEL).  It doesn't get more Energy Efficient than Titan LED Lights. 

REBATES: (Limited Funds Remaining)
Utility Providers in Texas including Oncor, Center Point, AEP, TXU, Denton Municipal, and CoServ to name a few are offering generous rebates to businesses that upgrade to EEL until the funds are depleted.  Each utility calculates the rebates different, a Titan LED Lighting Specialist will calculate exactly how much of a rebate you will get upon project completion. Titan LED is a preferred service provider with Oncor who requires only those registered to process the rebates for each business.  
Rebate Example:  Upgrade your 1000 W Metal Hilade area light or High Bay to our 285W LED=$315 Rebate each


The IRS has put together several very attractive Tax Deductions specifically for businesses that upgrade to EEL. In many cases the decuctions when combined with the rebate offers will reduce the total project cost by 50% or more depending on the situation.  Although it is predicted that by 2020 you will not be able to buy anything except LED Lights and all businesses will have to upgrade to EEL, the Government is offering huge financial incentives to do it now.  The rebates and tax deductions won't be around for long, they are simply an incentive to upgrade before you "have to".

led lighting auto dealerships

LED Lighting Is The Present and Future:

LED Lighting taking over commercial business and is the future of lighting as reported by multiple resources like Forbes, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal among others.  By 2020 it is expect that you will not be able to buy any lighting except LED due to the high energy efficiency and non-toxic nature of the lights.  


You probably already know that the typical household 100 Watt light bulb has been banned and can no longer be manufactured nor imported into the United States.  The same is true for the common T-12 (Thick) Tube Lights you find in most businesses.  There are several retailers that have inventory so as of now you can still buy them but once they are gone they are gone.  


The President and Government party is pushing all commercial businesses (and home owners) to switch to high efficiency lighting and undisputedly the best Lighting is LED.  They have introduced some very generous incentives in order to get businesses to switch their lighting now instead of waiting.  The tax deductions are very generous and can add up nicely.  

Titan LED Inc.
TITAN LED corporate is a California based OEM and manufacturer specializing in Energy Efficiency and Clean Tech lighting solutions. We offer a broad range of proprietary and cutting edge products designed to install and retrofit into a variety of existing infrastructures which include; Warehouse, Retail, Hospitals, Municipalities, Fitness Centers, Small Businesses among others.  We specialize in commercial lighting, exterior lighting, industrial lighting, high bay lighting, led tube lighting to name a few.


LED's are 90% more efficient over traditional lighting producing more light and less heat. Products are engineered from 95% recycled materials and are Mercury Free. They are built for great longevity with life spans between
30,000 - 102,000hrs and include warranties. No ballast, No noise, Low degradation, and high durability eliminates costly and wasteful maintenance expenditures. Finally, the products are built and compliant to both UL and ETL standards.


When you do business with Titan LED you are dealing with the manufacturer not a fly by night reseller with low quality standards.  Our quality LED Lights are made in America by American workers in Moorepark, CA.  We have advanced technology and are proud that are products have been awarded as the best in the industry.

Commercial led lighting dallas
led lights for car dealerships

Titan LED Benefits
TITAN LED Lighting will reduce your energy costs by 52% to 81% greatly increasing your NOI.  

The most common lighting applications at Auto Dealerships are your standard 4 foot and 8 foot tube lighting, Area (Parking Lot) Lighting, and High Bay Lights (High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) for the high ceilings in the shop.  This type of lighting will greatly increase your kWh which of course increases your electricity bill lowing your bottom line.  Simply said, energy inefficiencies in lighting are wasting electricity and producing a poor quality of light. Business owners can reduce lighting energy use by as much as 81% today. In addition to reduced energy and maintenance costs, LED lighting lasts two to five times longer than traditional lighting. The end result is a significant reduction in monthly expenses that goes right to the bottom line!  Titan LED engineers have built our LED lights to last up to 102,000 hours.

AWARD WINNING TITAN LED 4 Foot T-8, T-10 & T-12 Tube Light Replacement:
Titan LED has spared no expense to manufacture the best LED Tube Replacement!


Uses Only 16 Watts of Power

102,000 Hour Life (Lasts 23 Years)

2235 Lumen Output (replaces up to 40 W)

No Ballast Needed

5000 Kelvin (Day White)

0.99 Power Factor

Dimmable 5% to 100%

5 Year Warranty

DLC Listed | UL Listed

Top Quality Made In America

Awards and Achievements

AWARD WINNING TITAN LED 146 Watt High Bay (400 W HID Replacement)

Our 146 W High Bay also won the Top Product Award from Building Operating Management setting this well crafted unit far from the competition.  


CEO, Brian Hennessy Talks About the 146W High Bay

Click Image To Enlarge

Building Operating Management Award - Both the Titan LED 4 Foot Tube Replacement and Titan LED High Bay lights were "Top Product" awards voted by over 74,000 facility managers.

INC 500 Magazine - In 2014 INC. 500 Ranked Titan LED Inc. #332 fastest growing private companies
in America.

Jay Leno Endorsement - Jay Leno had Titan LED retrofit his 17,000 sq. foot garage, endorsed and
interviewed President and CEO Brian Hennessy.


Certifications - Titan LED has every major certification including the difficult to obtain Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Scrum Master Certification.

4 foot led tube

3rd Party Verification:

TITAN LED uses a 3rd party verification company to investigate our proposals and report to the client that all stated savings are correct.  We will put you in contact with the 3rd Party Verification Company, they will go through the project with you giving you the confidence needed to make an informed and educated decision.  We have found that by taking this extra step it allows our clients to feel comfortable with the retrofit project. 


LED Lighting Fixtures maintain their color and lumen output throughout their lifetime.

Titan LED Lease To Own Financing Pays Businesses To Retrofit Today!

A few years ago several lenders would finance LED Retrofit projects but then stopped because of poor quality LED manufactured products caused businesses to stop paying their bill.  Today Titan LED is one of the very few that has financial backing from multiple lenders fighting to fund our projects.



95% of all LED lighting projects can be structured to be cash flow positive, meaning that your monthly lease/loan payment is less than your energy savings! Our LED financing options allow you to go green with little money out-of-pocket.


led lighting for car dealerships
4 foot led tube


Example... your facility's LED lighting retrofit will save an average of $800/month in energy costs and the project totals $35k. Monthly lease payments would run $700.00 on a 60-month term. In this situation, the "Green Facility Lease" generates $100/month in positive cash-flow during the term of the lease, and after, would allow energy savings to go straight to bottom line profits.



1) Customer gets immediate benefit/savings from a $35k LED lighting system 

2) Customer enjoys positive cash-flow during the term of the lease 

3) Lighting is owned free and clear at the end of the term 

4) Client enjoys energy savings with no monthly lease payment for remaining life of lights (13 to 35 years depending on use).


commercial led lights dallas

Customers Prefer Sustainability

Going green isn’t just a buzz word anymore. Customers are using their wallets to reward companies who are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and implement sustainable business practices. Energy-efficient lighting reduces a facility’s carbon footprint through reduced electricity usage and reduces landfill waste because of longer lamp life spans. LED lighting does not contain mercury or other harmful elements like fluorescent lighting. 


Get the word out! Let your customers know you practice sustainability and going green will help you grow your business. 



Lighting Facts:

According to the US Department of Energy, 41.5% of electricity used in Self-Storage is lighting related.



According to the International Crime Free Association, lighting improvements are the least expensive way to improve facility safety and security.

commercial led lights dallas

Don't Wait... Start Saving Today!

TITAN LED energy-efficient lighting solutions provide superior lighting, creating the right atmosphere while dramatically reducing energy consumption. Lighting retrofits save lighting energy as well as cooling energy.


TITAN LED offers a complete service program including:

• Free expert lighting need assessments

• Rebate and cost-savings analysis to maximize all Federal, State and Local programs

• Lease to Own solutions to maximize ROI

• Full-service installation, new and retrofitting

• Complete project management

• Post-installation evaluation and support


Contact TITAN LED to see how we can help you achieve all your goals with lighting solutions that are effective, green, healthy, efficient and illuminating!



Commercial Lighting Dallas

Titan LED Auto Dealership Retrofit Example Case:



Total Monthly Savings: $6,317
Total Rebate Amt:      $28,927
Total Tax Savings:     $52,500


Total Added to bottom line 1st year: $157,231
ROI: 14 Months

Energy Consumption Reduced: 74%


Total Savings Over LED Life: $2,447,550


* Figures based at .11/kwh
   On 6 Days/Wk 12 hrs/day

led lighting for car dealerships dallas
led lighting for car dealerships dallas

Before Titan LED

After Titan LED

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