This #1 Best Selling (HE-HD) High Efficiency, High Definition LED light will allow you to view your World in the most beautiful, crisp, clear, white light on the planet. Your work place will have the brilliance of 4K television.

You'll only have to buy this light one time, for they are L-90 rated for 155,000 hours. Let's do the math. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is only 8,760 a year. If you run them 24/7, you will get 17 years before they begin to start losing some of their light output. This advanced technology will save our clients far more than any other technology on the market. Just think, a current 4 Tube T8 Fixture uses 128 watts plus ballast, you only need 2 Titan LED tubes which equals 34 watts per fixture. This is a 73% savings off your energy costs for 17 Years. Is it worth spending a little more to save more every month, and for 6 times longer? And we guarantee this American Manufactured product for 12 Years!!!!

Titan LED 4' T8 Replacement Tube includes external driver & FREE SHIPPING IN USA

SKU: 17C-4-17-50K-17-1CH-DR440-ND
$73.99 Regular Price
$58.75Sale Price
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